My name is Frieda and I am hearing impaired. Here, you will find stories of my life growing up and what it is like for me to be a wife, a mom of two boys, and hearing impaired.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm Here....

Habits are really hard to break.

Especially for those who are not hard of hearing.

Whenever I call out, "Where are you?

I get, "I'm here."



I look in the last place I remember seeing him....not there.

Where's 'here?'

Apparently, I'm the only one that has names for every room in the house:  kitchen, front room, family room, etc.

Hubby was in the family room, didn't know what to call it, and said, "here...."


I guess I need to learn not to call out.  Maybe I need a smaller house.  Or a pager.  Do pagers still exist?  Guess I'll rely on texting and searching the house, inside and out, to find someone...


  1. Try "Which room are you in?" and see what he says. I'm curious. If that doesn't work you can always ask "What's next to you?" ;)

  2. I'll have to try that. He would probably say "living room" and I wouldn't be sure if he meant the front room or the family room! :D